Receiving my Doctor of Science (D.Sc) degree (2022) | Professor Nigel W. John

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Receiving my Doctor of Science (D.Sc) degree (2022)

In the summer of 2021 I was awarded a higher doctorate – a Doctor of Science (DSc). It is only the second time the University of Chester has made such an award, and the first to one of its own members of staff. In April 2022, I was able to attend a Graduation Ceremony at Chester Cathedral to officially receive this award.

A higher doctorate is an exceptional award made “for work of high distinction which constitutes an original, sustained and significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge or the application of knowledge where it establishes that the applicant is a leading international authority in the field of study concerned. The applicant’s published work must demonstrate an originality such as to have led to extension or development by others.”

My research has been mainly focussed on the application of visualization and virtual environments to medical applications, with the goal of improving the treatment and diagnosis of different ailments to the benefit of both healthcare professionals and their patients. My D.Sc application summarised my contribution and was supported by 12 articles selected from my research career to date. The award was made following peer review.