An Integrated Environment for Rehearsal and Planning of Surgical Interventions (2000-3) | Professor Nigel W. John

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An Integrated Environment for Rehearsal and Planning of Surgical Interventions (2000-3)

Tempo Review
Tempo Reality
The IERAPSI project was funded by the EU Framework 5. The project focussed on developing a training tool for surgery of the petrous bone, a common site with complex anatomy (John et al., 2000; Agus et al., 2002; Jackson et al., 2002). The main deliverables were: a high quality user interface designed through ergonomic task analysis; Tempo Review, a state-of-the-art system for pre-operative planning using advanced image analysis, haptics and visualization techniques (see image above and right); Tempo Reality, a leading system for physics-based surgical simulation (in particular drilling into bone); and use of new 3D autostereoscopy display technology for a clinical application.

I was the project coordinator, and the project partners were the Manchester Visualization Centre and the Imgaging Science Division at the University of Manchester, CRS4 (Italy), University of Dresden (Germany), Institute of Laryngology & Otology (London, UK), University of Pisa (Italy), Virtual Presence (UK), Genias Benelux (The Netherlands), CS-SI (France).

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