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Web-based Standard Educational Tools (2000-2)

The WebSET project was funded by the EU Framework 5. Its goal was to develop reusable multimedia material and software (including 3D components and simulators), that can be integrated by a courseware developer to produce high-quality collaborative Web-based training packages. In particular, we developed and validated medical training simulators for lumbar puncture, ventricular catherisation, and tool placement for laparoscopy (John et al., 2001; Phillips & John, 2000). The project made use of the latest web technologies available at the time: VRML, Java applets, PHP and XML. It also implemented a real-time conferencing system for collaborative learning.

I was the project coordinator, and the project partners were the Manchester Visualization Centre, Space Applications Services (Belgium), uma (Austria), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Leeds General Infirmary, Imperial College London, Genias Benelux (The Netherlands) and IDEC (Greece).

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